About Us

We are a family owned and operated small business located in Kenai, Alaska.  Our services are focused on utilizing drone technology and one-on-one personal service to assist you in obtaining your data acquisition to solve your challenges or problems.

IEDroneWorks is a subsidiary of ICHTHUS Enterprises LLC (a Sole Proprietor entity) focusing on small Unmanned Aircraft System ("sUAS") services. These services are primarily focused on data and image capture for analysis,  inspection, asset management, etc., with the end product being digital HD (visible and IR light) video and/or still deliverables. These deliverables range from simple raw images to geo-referenced orthomosaic, photogrammetric, and/or 3D models depending on the client's need. We focus on delivering sUAS services to governmental, commercial, infrastructure and other entities focused on technical deliverables.  Please contact us and we will discuss how we may be able to  assist you.

NOTICE: We are not certified surveyors, inspectors or engineers. However, we can provide data acquisition to certified surveyors, inspectors or engineers for them to use the data to complete their surveys, inspections, or reports in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.

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