Survey and Inspection Imagery

sUAS Solutions

sUAS Inspection Enhances Safety, Accuracy, and Efficiency

sUAS inspections are safe, efficient, and precise. The use of a sUAS can cut time in the field by 75% and dramatically reduces operational costs whilst boosting profitability. This can keep inspection crews on the ground, so the risk of falling from elevation is eliminated. On the other hand, manual inspections are time consuming and requires significant expenditure of company assets. Due to the inspection sUAS’s spacial awareness, maneuverability, and collision avoidance technology, the unit efficiently collects more comprehensive data during a shorter inspection period with less disruption to operational personnel and equipment. This results in less costly and time consuming inspection data acquisition with greater and more confident data collection.

Tower Inspection

sUASs can survey towers, poles, and other infrastructure assets remotely and more safely using high definition visible light and infrared sensors.

Comm. Tower Inspection 1280 x 800.mp4[2024-01-24 13-45-21.699]
Comm. Tower Inspection 1280 x 800.mp4[2024-01-24 13-44-40.766]

Modeling Inspection Targets

The large datasets captured by sUAS's sensors during inspection are processed by third party software utilizing customizable algorithms to produce 2D imagery, 2.5D maps, and 3D models. The choice of deliverable is made and tailored to deliver results with the level of detail that is required by clients, technicians, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, etc. The best way to do that in most instances is with point clouds. Therefore, a 3D model that looks photorealistic is not necessarily more precise or accurate. The real purpose of the model is to get the best accuracy with a minimal set of images.These deliverables can be utilized to efficiently gather measurements, identify obstacles, define geo-spatial relationships, and/or discrepancies in the inspection area or object.

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