Construction Site Management

sUAS at the Construction Site

Commercial sUASs are being routinely integrated into the workflows of the construction and infrastructure industry and throughout the construction lifecycle, i.e., from request for proposal to completion and delivery.

Who Benefits from sUAS Utilization

sUASs are technological marvels delivering job site ready, survey grade maps and models along with other digital deliverables that aid project managers, superintendents, field engineers, designers, construction teams, and other stake holders to create, manage, and deliver the finished product safer, faster, more precisely, and cost effectively.

How sUASs Benefit Construction Projects from Home to Infrastructure

sUAS solutions can deliver timely digital high definition site videos, stills, and 3D deliverables to project managers and clients, reducing time of on-site in-person inspection and monitoring requirements by creating a real time digital twin of the project. By reducing time of ground personnel inspections and monitoring, sUAS use on any project reduces cost and downtime. Since on-site personnel time is reduced, the use of a sUAS in construction also improve safety on construction projects.

Construction sUAS Services Increase Amount of Site Data Available

The increased amount of data as well as systemic corrective algorithms in sUAS software positively impact the precision of the data generated. The increased types of aerial data formats make possible additional products useful in construction projects, which can then be used in processing/engineering software to manage, manipulate, analyze, etc., all aspects of a project on a continuous real time basis throughout the project life.

Pre-Construction and Procurement - Enhancing Accuracy, Estimates, and Planning

– Digital high definition bid packages enhance win rates and profitability
– Surveying, design, and revision enhancement/acceleration
– Pre-Build, Evolving Conditions, As Built can be rapidly and accurately collected and analyzed
– Site Mapping, Planning, and Modeling all quickly available

Construction: Progress Tracking and Work Validation - Validate As-Built vs As-Designed

  • Tracking Progress (focus on project quality Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)
  • Validate Work (initial earthwork against plan, as-built versus as-designed, etc.)
  • Creating Visual Media (improved project manager-stakeholder communication and trust with real-time monitoring)


  • As-built documentation throughout project life
  • Sales and Marketing (video and still imagery, as well as Ortho-Mosaic and Photogrammetrio and 3D)
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