Mapping Services

Mapping Services can vary from simple imagery to high accuracy photomosaic measurable databases. There are numerous customized variations between these two options.

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Increased/Optimized Data Capture

sUAS mapping and surveying can provide high definition digital mapping deliverables such as orthomosaic, topographic, photogrammetric data and models not achievable with satellites or manned aircraft imagery. sUASs reduce the manpower and time needed to cover a site, while collecting more detailed data and precision measurements. This greater amount of data collection produces deliverable categories ranging from high definition videos and photographs to 3D products like orthomosaic mapping, DSM and DTM, as well as 3D mesh mapping/modeling, as well as high accuracy topographical maps.

Saves Time for Surveyors and Mappers

Traditional survey methods can require weeks of collecting and compiling data with boots-on-the-ground survey crews for larger sites. The use of sUASs to capture survey data minimizes the number of field personnel and the risk level they are exposed to, as well as the time in field, while increasing the volume and quality of data collectable.

Mapping and Surveying Benefits of sUASs Utilization

  • Land and infrastructure planning at all levels of government: local, state, tribal, and federal
  • Resource management for personal, commercial, or government entities/activities
  • Architecture and Engineering projects (surveying and land surveyors)
  • Augmenting traditional land surveying, monitoring, and management
  • Advertising and publicity for a project (high definition video, still, and 3D imagery/modeling)
  • Orthomosaic and Photogrammetric imagery — survey grade mapping products
  • Communication and documentation rapidly and readily available for all stake holders

sUASs Solutions:

  • Site Documentation (volumetric, grade, area, etc. mapping. Distance measurements with sub-inch accuracy possible)
  • Construction/Logistics Monitoring
  • Natural Resource Monitoring
  • Digital Twin Creation/Monitoring
  • Track Issue Identification, Progression, and Closure with Accurate Digital Evidence
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